It’s like that feeling I felt when I looked out of the airplane was about to jump from when I went skydiving. Or the first time I rappelled Aussie-style down a (small) cliff — well, it was more of a rock-formation if we’re being honest. But with amount of adrenaline pumping through my body, I may as well have been rappelling off of a 1,000-foot cliff.

As a homeschooling Mom of 5, I don’t usually experience that kind of adrenaline anymore. Except when I’m across the yard and one of my kids is in danger off falling off whatever they’re…

My political stances are often not popular to discuss on social media. Maybe it’s because the people I admire and find as friends have different political leanings than I do. Maybe it’s because nothing is popular to discuss on social media, I don’t know. But I am very controversial in that I am staunchly middle-of-the-road in my political leanings. I don’t “belong” anywhere. I support the Black Lives Matter movement, but I also support police officers. (See how controversial I am?)

I love America and I love that it can change for the better. Because I don’t think it’s perfect…

You know what I find ironic? How much I hate spending money on sensible things, (like socks, why do socks cost so much?) but as soon as a mediocre, flashy product is marked 70% off — it doesn’t matter if I even know what the thing is — I’m going to do a double-take.

I’m not even a bargain shopper. …

It’s only the middle of January and our New Year’s Resolutions are barely three weeks old. Those dumbbells are already collecting dust, that gym membership card hasn’t left its wallet-pocket and you still have 52 books to read this year. I believe this may be a universal experience effecting nearly every individual who sets out on the path to grasp their dreams through goals.

If this happens to so many of us, are goals even worth making? Can we really achieve that greener pasture?

Sure, we can. But it means we can’t give up this time.

In fact, today is…

Jill E Burgoyne

A mother with a passion for words, I write about people. Stories, motivations, and adventures.

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